Q: Who is a candidate for seamless hair extensions?
A: Anyone who wants or need longer, thicker and fuller hair.

Q: How long will Seamless Hair Extensions last?
A: Depending of your natural hair grow, texture and proper care , your hair extensions will last aprox. 6 to 8 weeks before needs applied again.

Q: What type of hair is used?
A: Only the highest quality human hair is used in the seamless extensions system, virgin remy hair, grade AAA,

Q: Are the extensions comfortable?
A: Normally the extensions feel like your own hair.

Q: Can I wash and brushmy own extensions?
A: Yes, use a Sulfate free shampoo, massage gentle, do not vigorously scrub your hair or tangle will occur. Brush your hair , at least once a day from roots to end, securing the hair with your free hand to prevent tension on the roots. Use a loop brush.

Q: What about the condition of my hair when the extensions are removed?
A: If properly cared for, there will be no effects to your hair. Your hair will be like it was before, probably longer.
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